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All Terrain Vehicles, or commonly referred to as ATVs, are gaining in popularity throughout UK, Europe and the rest of the world. ATV riding has become a common outdoor recreational activity. They are also commonly used in agriculture to bridge the advantages of trucks and tractor. 

ATVs use the same engine technology as motorcycles, and likewise have their engines measured in Cubic Centimetres, or abbreviated to "cc". For engines with multiple cylinders, the measurement is of all cylinders integrated. ATV engines vary from as small as 50cc for youth ATVs to 700cc for Sports and Recreational quads. For agricultural utility ATVs, the engine size can increase to over 800cc.

Utility ATVs

By definition, utility ATVs are primarily used for heavy-duty manual tasks such as hauling cargo and ploughing fields. Initially developed for the military as an efficient method to traverse rough terrains, they are now widely used in most industries, ranging from factories, law enforcement and even science. They are most popular with the agricultural and construction industry for their ease of handling and ability to haul heavy loads. They're also used widely as a travelling method, as a substitute for pick-up trucks, horses, even walking. They've also found a place in forestry and golf courses.

Sport ATVs

hese types of ATVs are for recreational uses, typically four-wheel drive to handle rough or slippery terrains. From a design point of view, they are more streamlined and have a more extensive speed capacity. They are perfectly designed for off-road racing. If required, they can be adapted to carry out household tasks like mowing the lawn. However, sports ATVs can easily handle extreme terrains such as steep hills, rocky slopes and even bogs.

Youth ATVs

As the name suggests, they are designed for children and teens. They are intended for recreational off-road riding only. They are typically cheaper than models designed for adults. For Youth ATVs, safety is the primary factor. If the rider falls off, the engine is designed to cease operation so that the rider wouldn't be dragged along the vehicle. The engine size for youth ATVs is usually between 50cc and 110cc, increasing up to 125cc for larger models. Unlike the adult versions, they offer little or no suspension, an automatic transmission or no gears at all.